La Sonnambula

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati (1919-1994), La Sonnambula (1972)

Johannes Maria Staud (*1974), Black Moon (1998)

Maurizio Pisati (*1959), Å für Bassflöte und Bassklarinette (1993)

Pascal Dusapin (*1955), Itou (1985)

Frederik Neyrinck (*1985), Transforming Construction I (2015) – Inspired by Ramati, with some echoes of Dusapin and Staud – for bass clarinet solo, flute, viola and cello

Teresa Doblinger (Musical concept and choreography) (*1992), La Sonnambula – Duo für Tanz und Violoncello (2015)

Rudolf Kelterborn (*1931), Duett für Bratsche und Kontrabassklarinette (1990)


La Sonnambula“ is a performance named after Roman Haubenstock-Ramati’s graphic piece of the same name, whereas contemporary music and movement are combined.

The graphic „La Sonnambula“ is pictured on the floor of the stage at the size of 10x7m. All the music and movement is placed on the graphic and results in a full hour of interpretation of the graphic piece. She, the somnambulist, moves through the graphic or even inside.

This performance means to include musical as well as visual arts. Although the music should be able to speak for itself, it’s understanding is being supported by the visual impact of the graphic, as well as the graphic has a great influence on the movements and the atmosphere of the performance – music becomes space, the graphic becomes music and both leads to movement through space, graphic and music. Each of the composed pieces are connected to a detail of the drawing that for me represents best the character of a piece, whereas Frederik Neyrinck’s piece „Transforming Construction I“ was specially composed to some details of and paths through the picture.

On this behalf the audience might be able to create connections of the form underneath the played and the actually played. The room might „conserve“ some of the heard music as the graphic might give a connection to it. Paths that are gone again include reminiscences of the pieces that have been played on them before, maybe only in a shadow or in a subtle detail.

These elements create their own world, where „La Sonnambula“ – the somnambulist – is the main character. Like in a dream uncontrolled and sudden changes of pictures and topics take place. One surreal situation follows the other, in another moment everything might even seem real. Things may frighten or be pleasure. Sometimes you might wish to wake up. And sometimes you even hope the dream may never end.


first performed at the

Rezital im Rahmen der Masterthesis. Master of Arts in Music Performance, Hochschule der Künste Bern


with the wonderful company of

Anja Bresavšček, Flute

Sophie Wahlmüller, Viola

Fernando Costa,  Violoncello

Nikolaus Böhm, Violoncello


and a premiere of Frederik Neyrinck’s piece Transforming Construction I !



7. Juni 2015, 20.00 Uhr

Dampfzentrale Bern, Turbinensaal


Programmheft La Sonnambula

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