(s)low motion

(s)low motion

Hugo Queirós & Teresa Doblinger – Bass Clarinet Duo

(s)low motion is the project created by two virtuoso bass clarinetists who want to share this amazing instrument in a new context, using contemporary pieces with new technics but also connecting it with another way of expressing music – the dance. Hugo Queirós and Teresa Doblinger met each other in Bern where they are studying together bass clarinet under the guidance of Ernesto Molinari. For many years, the bass clarinet was just a secondary instrument used very often in orchestra; since the XX century this had changed thanks to pioneers of the bass clarinet such as Harry Sparnaay, Henri Bok, Ernesto Molinari and others. Thanks to them the bass clarinet playing and solo repertoire achieved a new status being today a principal instrument, very important and very attractive for composers of  contemporary music.

Actually, the idea of being a low instrument and therefore slow is very incorrect and that’s what we are showing; for that we have a very diverse repertoire which shows many ways of using this instrument in very different aesthetics, flowing between solo pieces and duos as well as combining our playing with moving.



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