Paperclip Beats

Igor Gross • drums | Teresa Doblinger • contrabass clarinet


Eine Produktion von SevenCircles • Gefördert durch Stadt Graz, Land Steiermark, Stadt Wien, Land Oberösterreich, BMKÖS

Musik: Yulan Yu  • Bühnenbild: Alexandra Gschiel • Text: Lisa Rohrer, Teresa Doblinger • Choreographie: Teresa Doblinger • Inszenierung: Alexandra Radoulova, Teresa Doblinger • Idee & Konzept: Alexandra Radoulova • Licht: Nina Mesitz, Antonis Rouvelas

Schauspiel: Lisa Rohrer • Tanz, Klarinette: Teresa Doblinger • Bassbariton: Harald Hieronymus Hein • Flöte: Aleksandra Skrilec • Akkordeon: Filip Novakovic • Horn: Jason Pfiester • Schlagzeug: Igor Gross • Videoproduktion: Violeta Lenz

© Alois G. Doblinger


Ensemble für choreo-musikalische Kreation

Audrey Perreault (CAN/AT) • Flöten, Performance
Anna Grenzner (ES/AT) • Violoncello, Performance, Projektorganisation
Maria Mogas (ES/AT) • Akkordeon und Performance
Teresa Doblinger (AT) • Klarinette, Tanz, Choreographie
Victor Morató (ES/AT) • Musik- und Bewegungskomposition, künstlerische Leitung

Collaboration with visual arts

improvising to or with works by artists from Innviertler Künstlergilde


Created by: Wegwandler:in – Yulan Yu (CHN, AT), Composition • Wandler:in – Alexandra Radoulova (BG, AT), Concept and Direction • Teresa Doblinger (AT), Concept and Choreography

Performed by Cosima Büsing (DE/AT) Performance / Stimme / Gesang • Aleksandra Skrilec (SL/AT) Performance / Flöten • Igor Groß (AT) Performance / Perkussion • Jason Pfiester (US/AT) Performanc / Waldhorn • Teresa Doblinger (AT) Performance / Klarinette

Recorded in Graz on 24.08.2022 and edited by Nicolae Davide

Supported by Stadt Wien • BMKÖS • Stadt Graz • Land Steiermark • Land Oberösterreich

In Collaboration with SevenCircles


Subterranean is an interdisciplinary performance project created by Emre Sihan Kaleli (Music), Teresa Doblinger (Choreography) and Sara-Lisa Bals (Scenography) for performers of the Black Page Orchestra.

The work was premiered on 15.6.2022 at REAKTOR, Vienna.

A cooperation project with the ISCM-Austrian Section.

LaKt Ensemble

LaKT Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble based in Graz that focuses on exploring relationships between sound and movement and new scenic approaches to music. Their belief in the potential of expanding music through interdisciplinary work leads them to look for ways of enhancing musical expression through dramaturgy, light or costume; to invite artists who put the body at the centre of their work; and to place a special focus on the performers’ bodywork and movement. 

Victor Morató – Artistic Director, Co-Curator, Composer | Anna Grenzner – Cellist, Co-Curator | Teresa Doblinger – Dancer, Choreographer and Clarinetist | Maria Mogas Gensana – Accordeonist, Performer | Audrey G. Perreault – Flutist, Performer

Foto: Johannes Gellner

on the surface of; the bright side

Teresa Doblinger – idea, concept, performance | Andreas Sagmeister – metal construction/instrument

on the surface of; black holes

Teresa Doblinger – idea, concept, performance | Gonçalo Lobato – mentoring, metal construction/instrument

on the surface of; black holes – Teresa Doblinger. camera: Massimiliano Arnone


Mariana Fagundes Oliveira – idea, concept, performance | Teresa Doblinger – idea, concept, performance

alldough – Mariana Fagundes and Teresa Doblinger. camera: Massimiliano Arnone

Do hands dream?

Do hands dream? – Marina Melero, Jean-Loup Gayrard, Teresa Doblinger. Camera: Surendra Tekale

UHR.werk – lockdown version

Frederik Neyrinck – piano, composition | Teresa Doblinger – bass clarinet, choreography | Tobias Doblinger – clocks

UHR.werk – Frederik Neyrinck and Teresa Doblinger